Sizce Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord kaç satmıştır?

How many copies did Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord sell?

How many copies did Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord sell? Here's the sales report of the long-awaited sequel in the last 2 years.
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en sevdiğiniz Far Cry oyunu hangisi ben 1 yada 5 arasında gidip geliyorum


Far Cry Ranked From Worst To Best

Far Cry is best known now for its charismatic villains who steal the spotlight from our protagonists. Far Cry doesn’t hold back on talent with the likes of Michael Mando and Giancarlo Esposit…
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Warding'te daha iyi olmak isteyenlere


How To Get Better At Warding In League Of Legends

Learn everything you need to know about Vision control, warding locations and ward timers in our newest League of Legends guide!
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LoL oynarken para harcıyor musunuz?


How Much Have I Spent on League?

Find out how much of your time was wasted on LOL and answer the question ”How much have I spent on League”!
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Netflix 2022 yılında 50 oyun daha eklemek istiyormuş

#netflix #gaming

Netflix wants to add 50 games to subscribers in 2022

Netflix plans to add 50 games to subscribers before the end of 2022. One of the streaming platforms Netflix has been looking at expanding to video gaming for quite a long time, and now it seems lik…
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