HP DeskJet 2710 Printer Review

I bought the device from BİM discount market on 19.03.2021.
In this Artics'le, ı will review the HP deskjet 2710 printer. I bought the device from BİM discount market for 350 liras. The same device came to 190 liras 3 months ago. I donated my old Canon printer to the school where ı was taught.


The device has a relatively beautiful design and relatively High quality material. Even if ı say good quality, don't expect much. The tray of the device takes approximately 80 pages.
The printer's Control panel is Very simple and has a relatively touch-like button design.


The device comes with setup cartridges. So a cartridge expense is waiting for you.

The color and colorless printouts ı received from the device are Very clear and High quality. I did not expect such a good result. My recommendation is to GET medium quality printouts. Prints a High-quality page in 12 minutes because the sharpness of the poor quality is Lost. You didn't hear it wrong for 12 minutes.
The scanner feature also works Very Fast. A medium quality offer is completed in 30 seconds.

Thank you for reading.

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