Hoşgeldin "İngiliz CEYD-A".
O sadece bir bebek. 6 yaşındaki Türk kardeşi gibi yeni İngilizce CEYD-A'da büyüyecek.

We welcome "English CEYD-A". It's just a baby. Like its 6 year old sibling who is Turkish, new English CEYD-A will grow too.
This month's CEYD-A article in "Deep Learning Türkiye" is about teaching newly born CEYD-A.

I would like to point out that no words indicating gender such as brother or sister. Just sibling.

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Let's Teach CEYD-A English-1 |

Turkish users already know it: CEYD-A is one of the most popular digital assistants used in Turkish having 4 million download. It's not just an app, it's a development platform. Its purpose
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