CompTIA A+ Certification – Tips, Tricks & Top Resources to Pass

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In our modern day employment field, employers are seeking to hire the best available specialists and they tend to use a number of tools to be able to narrow down the search for that perfect applicant. One way to do this is through checking the employees’ credentials. Certificates play the essential role in the IT world, as it is rapidly growing and more opportunities and threats are arising in the IT sphere. This creates demand for experienced IT professionals who can handle the constant changes. Having basic IT knowledge is very important in any field considering we are now living in a time when technology is everything. In this article, we review the CompTIA A+ exam in detail and see what it entails and why it is important to acquire.


CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification that gives aspiring IT technicians an opportunity to kick-start their IT careers. It was introduced back in 2015 with a view to assess the basic skills and knowledge of the new IT professionals. The main objective of this certification exam is to give candidates the basic knowledge in PC repair and general troubleshooting. The students will be better prepared for handling such issues as networking, handling the operating system, dealing with general PC security techniques, and general knowledge of data transfer among users.

Why is CompTIA A+ so popular?

The popularity of this certification is growing with each passing year, and many organizations are seeking to hire employees with good fundamental IT knowledge. Currently, we are entering the digital era and thus almost every profession now requires substantial understanding of computers. This A+ credential simply shows an employer that a particular applicant is able to carry out the assigned tasks with minimal supervision and reach the required results. So, the reason of this certification’s popularity is that it helps the potential employees gain the basic IT knowledge which will allow them to feel comfortable in their workplace.

How to get the CompTIA A+ certification?

To be fully certified, one must fulfill various requirements set by the examination body. The first thing the candidate should remember is that the exam has two subcategories named CompTIA A+ 220-901 and CompTIA A+ 220-902. For the CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam, a candidate must pass with a minimum score of 675 points out of 900, while for the CompTIA A+ 220-902exam, the student must gain at least 700 points out of 900. Also, the applicant must have 9 to 12 months of hands-on experience within an IT-related field.

Structure of the CompTIA A+ exam

The CompTIA A+ exam is generally structured in a simple way just like any other certification tests. The exam mainly covers several key areas, including network connectivity, PC troubleshooting, installing and operating OS, hardware and software handling, and general networking. For this exam, the candidates are required to answer a total of 90 questions within a time period of 90 minutes. Questions are structured in various ways, including multiple-choices, drag and drop, and performance-based questions.

Main reasons to get the CompTIA A+ certification

Certifications are essential for an employee for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Comfort at the workplace. Nowadays almost all work is being done on the digital space and with the use of digital devices. So, the employees need to be able to showthe basic IT knowledge in order to work with the digital devices such as desktop computers.
  • Job opportunities.This certification will boost one’s ability to get a job since it will show the employer that the person has the basic IT skills to handle the given tasks. The employers these days prefer to hire a candidate with a fundamental IT knowledge so having this certification by your side will be advantageous.
  • Chance to acquire other certifications. Being a basic IT certification exam, it will be a good way to gain enough IT knowledge and then move on to the higher-level IT certifications.

Tips for passing the CompTIA A+ exam

Preparation for the exam is crucial and your success heavily depends on. The following tips will help you pass this certification test with minimal troubles.

  • Be ready to start preparing for the exam as early as possible, as this will allow you to study with a calm mind and to cover all the topics.
  • Try to form study groups with other candidates so that you can handle the tougher topics together and eliminate each other’s weak points. This will also help you constantly revise the exam materials.
  • Create a good study plan to be able to know what areas to study. A good study plan should be able to give the weak areas more priority.
  • In case you face any difficulties with a certain topic you may seek help from your tutors and fellow students.
  • Attend the exam in time and try not to engage in any kind of the test-related discussions on the exam day to avoid being distracted.
  • Try to answer all exam questions, even those that you are unsure of.
  • Always read the instructions thoroughly in order to avoid being penalized for your inattention.

Top resources to study for the CompTIA A+ exam

There are a number of resources that candidates can get to use when preparing for CompTIA A+ certification exam. Some of them include:

  • – it is a very educative website where the students can get adequate knowledge on the CompTIA A+ exam. It provides the candidates withhelpful videos, notes, and practice tests.
  • – this site contains a lot of informative content on the CompTIA A+ exam and potential certificate holdersmay greatly benefit from this.
  • –a good resource when it comes to exam practice tests.

Closing remarks

Basic IT knowledge is essential for any given employee in our digital world now. This will make it easy for you to handle some of the assigned tasks with relative ease. If you want to reach new heights in your IT career sign up for the CompTIA A+ exam.

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