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Cilgin Japon'lar 😀
Tepkiler muthis, Turkiye'de olsa cinayet cikardi canli yayinda...

#Komik #birazgülelim


Crazy Japanese Game - Wall of Boxes

Japan never fails to amaze! This is part of a game called Gaki No Tsukai. Wall of Boxes is the round 3 of the Gaki No Tsukai game, in which 4 players (2 per ...
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European Countries Are Trolling Trump With Hilarious “America First” Spoof...

There is a new viral competition on the internet and President Donald Trump is responsible for it. He has pledged to put America First, and most countries don‘t want to argue with a superpower, so...
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Secmece kediler 🙂

@zirkenyum Kedi olmak varmis bu dunyada 😀

#birazgülelim #Mizah #kedi

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