Boston Dynamics shorts atmış. Geçenki videonun düşüşleri. 🙂

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Atlas | Up, Up, and Away

When we stick the landing every time, it’s time to move on to the next trick. Keep watching to see how we push Atlas to great heights, and what we do when th...
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Atlas Gets a Grip | Boston Dynamics

It’s time for Atlas to pick up a new set of skills and get hands on. In this video, the humanoid robot manipulates the world around it: Atlas interacts with ...
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Walk the Walk: HyundaiMotor X BTS for 'BTS Yet To Come in BUSAN' concert

Spot's got permissions to dance! Check out this dance created for the 'BTS Yet To Come in BUSAN' concert.See what happen next in the @HyundaiWorldwide x BTS...
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Gelecek, geldi arkadaşlar dağılabiliriz. #BostonDynamics

“Spot Me Up” | The Rolling Stones & Boston Dynamics

40 years ago, The Rolling Stones debuted their iconic Tattoo You album. We're helping them celebrate. ‘Start Me Up’ taken from Tattoo You 2021: https://the-...
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A Year with Spot

One year ago, Spot graduated from its early adopter program and began shipping out to workplaces around the world. From construction sites and power plants t...
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